Now you can have straight teeth without traditional braces thanks to Invisalign® orthodontic treatment! Invisalign®uses a series of clear plastic aligners to reposition teeth. The aligners are virtually invisible, so you can wear them with confidence without feeling self-conscious.

The aligners are made through a combination of special impressions (molds) made in our office and state-of-the-art, computerized, 3-D imaging technology patented by the Invisalign corporation. The length of treatment varies from patient to patient. However, results are often obtained in one year. If you want to know more about Invisalign®, the invisible orthodontic treatment option, and if it is right is for you, schedule an appointment with Dr .Allison O’Brien today. You can also visit the Invisalign® web site for more information on this state-of-the-art treatment option.